Tear Bowl

Standing on the seashore With an ocean in her eyes And despite her blurry vision She smiled seeing the high tide rise. Flashlights, sirens And distant cries. Fell on deaf ears Of a desolate being With feeble eyes. Rising and falling, The little waves leapt with joy. As she waded through the waters Under the…

Sweet Tart

Caramelized pear With popsicle eyes And candy floss hair. Cute ‘n’ cuddly little Gummy bear. Sweet as a toffee Filled with cheer. A party bomb In my jubilation. And a helium balloon On my dull days. The sprinkles on my doughnut And the cherry to my cake. If it weren’t for you, I’d have been…


I woke up early one morning Sleepily yawning Rubbing the sleep from my eyes. Instead of brushing, bathing or dressing, I began to visualize, If I was impecunious, helpless & burdened With no smiles, no love, no care Oh! How terrible – but now that I’ve learnt I realized the need to share. I walked…

Fire and Ice

Resplendent and alluring, Rich in manifold Beauty and power. Gentle but terrifying, Ardent lover Forever cold. Chiming, roaring, glistening Icicles, avalanche and snow. An ugly truth or a pretty lie? I never will know- Unless I’m in your arms, Gliding across the frozen floor. Surrounded by sparks of fire And flakes of snow. ‘Tis a…


You eyes remain blind to cruelty, And you turn a deaf ear to helpless cries. You keep your legs from stepping forward And your hands don’t stretch to help. You don’t speak up for the voiceless. You shun amity from your heart. You hold back words of appreciation And blow out contentment from your mind….


Dread the darkness that dwells within you; not that which lurkes around you. #oneliner

March 1

A braveheart, Serene And bold. A selfless soul, A fighter And hero. The wait is over, Our dear WC Abhinandan Is home. Tis a proud moment For India to celebrate And cheer! ~Sonia #respect #WCAbhinandan #india


“There were more reasons to hate him than to love him. But still I chose to love, for hatered flees when touched with love.” ~Sonia Stalance

Ride or Riddle?

I put my luggage behind the seat And rolled up the side shutters. Colourful tassels hung from the canvas roof I watched them sway, as we made our way Through the highways and byways of the city, Driving over potholes, bumps and pits. It’s a pity! I know. But why complain? When the gods themselves…

It Ain’t Pretty

Even the trees and stones were entranced By his music, he said reading over my shoulder. I chuckled saying, This ain’t research material, Fred. Turn around you silly woman, he said Taking the book from my hands. Orpheus fell for the fair Eurydice Endowed with unique beauty and grace. I watched him closely, as he…


Waking up to see the light, each morning is a blessing. May you be filled with a renewed spirit and be grateful for the marvellous works of God, for the many deeds He’s done in your life. Let not the worries of this world wear you down. For you’re strengthened to rise above all hurdles…


A well groomed man With lit up eyes And unintentional smile Broadening on his face. Now lay masked behind A man I could hardly recognise. Completely disconnected From his surroundings Neither content with himself. He walks around Doubting his capabilities Never acknowledging his strengths. There seems to exist An incomplete line, Between the personality He…

A Day

It was a beautiful morning. Slow music swept him off his feet. As he gently swayed across the hall, dancing with his love. When he looked into her deep eyes, he felt whole. Suddenly there was a shrill ring. He woke up startled, it was the alarm! How much better it would have been if…

Price tag

There is no ‘Ideal man’ There is no ‘Ideal woman’ And there is no ‘Perfect couple’ It’s only ‘love’ That overcomes all imperfections. But ‘love’ itself is overlooked for a cost. When prices are tagged by men, Why say, marriages are made in heaven? #LittleUnheardVoices ~Sonia Stalance

A little girl’s Diwali

When I was a little girl, I’d go up to the terrace on every Diwali, to watch the fireworks. I loved admiring the flashing colours, the floral patterns, the explosion and the lights. The whistling of the fire rockets would excite me and then with a BOOM! there would be a shower of sparks. I’d…


A thousand miles between us, A hundred differences and more. Even the sky isn’t in our favour, Its undefined vastness Closes the horizon. But with every sunrise And sunset, I find a million reasons To smile. This destiny untold, Fluttered in, out of the blue And reveals not, what The future holds. In this world,…


They say- “Sacrifice today’s pleasures for a happier tomorrow.” But when tomorrow arrives it’s already today. ~Sonia


She fell in love with a storybook character, followed him into the story, tiptoed through the chapters and hid between the pages. #LittleLoveStories ~Sonia

Wake up

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed and wondering where Love disappeared. Finding her in the kitchen, you put your arms around her waist and lean forward to kiss her. But she says nothing, feels nothing and sees nothing. You wake up startled and find ourself on the edge of the bed. Without…


Her silence worried him. Worrying has worn him out. But his worn out self still beats for her. Shouldn’t his plight worry him more? ~Sonia