Beings Unimaginable

What would become of us,
If angels left the heavens
And demons fled from hell?

Would we set out on a quest
To wake up those at rest
And break out of this mortal spell?

Would we heal from the sting of sin, Rekindle our virtues, win the world
With love and let peace dwell?

Or might we turn against each other In want of superiority and power, And at the cost of life; our sanity we’d sell?

Would we fight and kill our own in battle,
And triumphantly ring the death knell,
Leaving behind a handful of us with horrid tales to tell?

Would we turn out to be angels or demons?
One can never tell, for we might become beings unimaginable
And conquer both heaven and hell.

“What would become of us, if the good and evil forces in the universe, suddenly disappeared? Would the world head towards better or worse? And would a conscious be necessary?

Without balance we’re no human, angel or demon. So, I guess we’d become something unimaginable!”

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Let alone in the void of thought,
In its emptiness echoed a voice saying,
‘You won’t make it’, I was distraught.

I saw myself, staring at the inevitable,
Questioning the impossible
And reaching out to the unreachable.

I didn’t know if ‘twas a dream or vision
But I lacked strength and felt weak
Hanging there, in the mind’s chasm.

Falling prey to delusion,
Plunged into chaos,
Blinded by confusion.

Glimpses into what can and cannot be,
Far beyond the known and unknown-
Are those you can’t feel, hear or see.

But when you do, you’re on a roller coaster
Of thoughts, trapped by your own insecurities,
Unaware that the control is in your power.

You only see your insignificance
In that infinitely vast madness,
And question your existence.

But within you are the answers you seek,
Yet, you pay no heed to your instincts,
And resort to remain low and meek.

It’s up to you to quell or fuel
Your fears, dive deep into your soul
And discover your potential.

Breath in strength for challenges unpredictable.
Stand your ground and face every storm
Rather than passively giving in to the inevitable.

For you were made for greater glory-
In the very likeness of the Almighty.
Peccable but not unworthy.

So, don’t convince yourself to settle in the rubble,
For only your flesh perishes,
Your spirit is invincible.

It’s the void within which makes us feel like we’re worth nothing and we’re all vulnerable to its vacuum. Anxiety, fear, stress, lack of confidence, low morale and all other feelings that weigh us down originate from nothing; in fact, they are nothing at all. People say it’s all in the mind so just forget about it. Well, that’s partially true as it is in this ‘void’ that’s expanding in our minds; and ignoring it is not the right solution. You ought to understand this emptiness in order to fill it up.

If I’m not wrong, most of us overthink, don’t we? Of how events would have been otherwise or about those that are yet to come. Thinking eases the mind whereas overthinking stirs a storm within and if you don’t hold your ground, you’ll be carried far into thought. Thoughts that would make you feel like ‘you aren’t enough’ and in no time, you’ll be overcome by a sense of incompleteness that would expand if left unattended, thereby creating a void.

It’s up to you to live with it or start anew by taking time, to get to know yourself all over again. It’s fine if you don’t find things nice about yourself; just don’t give up, keep searching and when you think you’re done, look again. The more you know yourself, the nearer you are to being complete.

We’re all perfect yet, we consider ourselves imperfect simply because we’re limited by perception. Don’t feel let down by your weakness for it brings about a balance in personality when combined with your strengths. You are an entity independent of its form and circumstance, an embodiment of the mind. So, strengthen yourself mentally for it is that which keeps your spirit going; your form will eventually fall in line.

Heal your mind!
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I’ve seen you smile
When you couldn’t.
I’ve heard you say, It’s fine!
When it wasn’t.

I’ve seen you cry,
And have asked why?
But you’d reply saying,
There’s something in my eye.

I know you’ve taken that extra mile
And worked like there was no tomorrow
To make ends meet and see me smile,
Ignoring your pain and sorrow.

You’ve loved me so selflessly
Giving up all comfort and luxury.
Yet many a time, I’ve behaved rudely,
Causing you so much pain and worry
If it weren’t for you, I’d be a nobody.
I can never be enough grateful nor sorry.
Neither can I ever repay you fully.

These selfless deeds of yours
I’ll wear proudly,
Like a wreath of flowers
Adorning my head.
Chin up, I’ll take each stride,
For you’re my crowning glory,
My only pride.

Sonia Stalance


It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day or Father’s Day to shower our parents with love and gratitude cause they deserve it everyday.

Some of our parents may lack education, fluency in a language, might be a little behind in terms of fashion or reasoning. These shouldn’t be reasons for you to be ashamed of them because they’re the ones who have your best interests at heart.

Be supportive and don’t ever let them down. Tell them you’re proud of them just the way they are.

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The children lined up
In a queue, and so did I
All except one boy
Didn’t he want a copy?
I wondered, watching him sigh
After repeatedly searching
His bag, he began to cry.

I walked up to him,
And asked him why
Was he sobbing.
I’ve lost my money,
Was his reply
Mummy’s gonna scold me,
He said, crying.

I felt bad,
Seeing him sad,
I didn’t know what to do
So, I tore the note in two
And gave him one half.
He was more than happy
And so was I.

At the desk, we gave our halves
And asked for two photographs.
Why did you tear it in half? The teacher asked,
But when I told her, she began to laugh
And so, did the class.
I was embarrassed and confused,
Why laugh at a good deed? I wondered.

A torn currency is worthless
She said, addressing the class.
But kindness is priceless,
And so is friendship and love.
Now, can we all stand up
And give him an applause?
My eyes had welled up
But I tried not to cry.
The class began clapping,
And so, did I.

* * *

A couple of weeks ago, my friend shared one of his childhood incidents with me and it inspired me to write this poem.

The story goes this way, he was in grade 1 and one of his classmates had forgotten/lost the money which was supposed to be paid for the class photograph. My friend couldn’t see him unhappy so he tore the note he had and gave one half to him.

He was too young to understand the value of money but what impressed me was his innocence, kindness and spirit of sharing.

The class began clapping,
And so, did I.

* * Little children often get excited and clap along when people clap for them.

P.S. I used to do that when I was little, so thought of including that.. XD

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed reading this post, please do check out his blog- Writing Rhymes, he is an amazing writer and poet.

I would love reading your childhood incidents as well, please feel free to share them in the comments.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day!

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I felt numb
Helpless and dumb.

Seeing the immense pain and turmoil
In your eyes, which you silently endured with a smile.

But I couldn’t cry
For my tears had run dry.

Unspoken pain, unheard sorrow,
Unfulfilled dreams, with no tomorrow.

Everyday was taken for granted until,
One day it all came to a standstill.

I wish I loved you a little more than I did yesterday
A little more love might have kept you from being taken away.

There were days when I prayed that God might save you,
But I never imagined that I’d be asking him to take you.

Couldn’t life have been a little more fairer?
To sinless beings of fur and feather.

Grasping on to life, gasping for breath,
Struggling to survive, yet failing to death.

Oh! why did I have to decide if you should live or die?
I’ll try to save him, I won’t let him die! Was my reply.

You’ve tried but failed, now atleast end his pain
They said, It isn’t inhumane.

I walked away sobbing without saying goodbye,
Cause I couldn’t see you die.

Your pain might have ended but my heart still aches,
For it has been slain by the difficult choices I had to make.

Written in loving memory of my pet rooster Lucky. He was chicknapped by a raven who accidentally dropped him in my yard. This week old chick was squeaking lying on his back. I thought he won’t make it but he survived so, I called him ‘Lucky’.

Lucky grew to be a smart and handsome little Roo. But one morning I found him a little odd. It looked like his neck was twisted. The vet told me that he had fever and was suffering from wry neck, a genetic disorder.

My sister and I took turns staying at home to feed him, but his condition only worsened. His face was swollen and he couldn’t breathe well. He had suffered for a month and the prescribed medicines weren’t effective. I was told to put him to rest.

That was the toughest decision I had to make, my friends and family insisted on proceeding with it.Lucky was 14 months old when we lost him. R.I.P my little baby boy! We weren’t lucky enough to have him for long 😦

To all of you out there love your pets while you still have time❤️

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I want to be free
With no boundaries
Stopping me,
Except for those
That separate
The land and sea.

I want to see
The horizon
Close around me
And watch
The earth and sky

I want to find
My place
Within that hemisphere
Made purely
Of heavenly glory
And earthly grace.

Right now,
I’m staring at my patch
Of sky and wondering
If it might happen to match
With yours, then we
Can we put them together
And create a hemisphere
Of our own and see
The sky as whole.

Or is it just me
Watching the sky

~Sonia Stalance

Pc: @cam_chor

Have you ever wondered that someone is looking at an irregular patch of sky that would perfectly fit into your irregular one.

We all see the sky in patches, someday we might see it whole.

Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day!

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I see no fear
On their faces,
I see them
Going places.

Chewing paan,
Spitting on streets,
Doing all they can
To spread the disease.

Greeting friends,
Making merry.
Saying, It’s not the end
So, let’s not worry.

I see rebels
More dangerous
Than disease,
Being chased
By the police.

I see memes, puns,
Jokes and cheap thrills
Going viral on a virus
That spreads and kills.

I see an ignorant crowd
Defying all rules,
Going about their lives
Like pathetic fools.

Challenging the all-seeing eyes
Of the unseen foe.
What would become of us?
I don’t really know.

Sonia Stalance

Now that was a very disappointing poem I know, but it depicts the sad reality of what’s actually happening around. I see rebels going against the government. They think they playing a real-life game with the police.

The tireless efforts of the government, doctors, police and other volunteers are going in vain because of these rebels. So, at this moment I pray to God to save us not just from Corona but from these ignorant people. I pray that God gives them some sense of responsibility and realisation.

Moreover, let’s not forget to pray for ourselves and the many ‘Corona Warriors’ out there trying to save the world. Please take a minute a read ‘A Prayer for Protection’

Stay Sane
Stay Safe
Stay Blessed

PC: Uday G Mohite

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A Prayer for Protection

Based on Psalm 91

LORD I seek for safety,
May I be protected by Your shadow.
For You are my defender and protector,
You are my God; in You I trust.
Keep me safe from all hidden dangers
And from all deadly diseases.
Cover me with Your wings;
And keep me safe in Your care;
Your faithfulness will protect and defend me.
So, I will not fear any dangers at night
Or sudden attacks during the day
Or the plagues that strike in the dark
Or the evils that kill in daylight.
A thousand may fall dead beside me,
Ten thousand all around me,
But I believe that I will not be harmed.
For I have made the LORD my defender,
The Most High my protector,
And so, no disaster will strike me,
No violence will come near my home.
God put Your angels in charge of me
To protect me wherever I go.
May they hold me up and keep me
From being hurt.


God says, “I will save those who love me
And will protect those who acknowledge me as LORD.
When they call to me, I will answer them;
When they are in trouble, I will be with them.
I will rescue them and honour them.
I will reward them with long life;
I will save them.”

Ps 91: 14-16

Writing Psalm 91 as a prayer gives it a personal touch. Now I see it from a different perspective. It has more meaning as a conversation with God. Every line comforts me and strengthens my faith. In times like this all we have to do, is to trust in God’s assurance and have ‘faith’.

Rest assured our prayers will be heard and we’ll wake up to a new morning- ‘a day without fear’.

Until then stay safe, follow orders and pray not just for yourselves but for the world. Pray for the well-being of the many people out there- doctors, nurses, police, sanitary workers and a whole lot of volunteers who are risking their lives to save us. May they be blessed!

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What is love,
When you can’t see it?
Presence, I replied.
The assurance
That you’d always
Be there by my side.

Dancing to his heartbeat
I felt his every breath
As he swept me off my feet
Love is strength, I said.

Leaning in
He whispered,
Go on, go on
I felt his skin
Begin to burn
Love is like the mid-day sun,
I thought,
But a chill ran down my spine
As he pressed his lips
On mine.

Caught in a fiery passion
Our fingers intertwined
Was it love or an invasion,
Of the heart on the mind?

What is love,
When you can see it?
An emotion, he replied
Our feelings are mutual
For I too am blind.

Sonia Stalance

You see love when you look into your lover’s eyes. But what if you can’t see at all. What is love, when you’re physically blind?

The woman in the poem feels secure in her lover’s hands, love to her is all about strength, the strong bond they share. She is blind to superficial and materialistic happiness. His presence is all she needs. She admires the little things about him, his voice, his breath and touch.

The man in the poem, is he really blind? If yes, well you’re right. They share a feeling unlike the rest of us. A feeling divine in itself perceived not by the eyes, but by the mind.

And if your answer was no, well he may not be physically blind, but he is emotionally blind to her insecurities. He listens to everything his beloved says and shares the love she feels. He is blind to her disability, instead he sees it as her strength. He adores her personality and makes her believe in herself.

‘Love is blind’, share your views in the comment section. Wishing you lots of love. Thanks for reading, have a great day!

Moreover I’d like to thank my friends especially Sidharth and Salina for encouraging me to start writing again. They are incredibly talented, do check out their blogs as well!

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Vile or Divine?

The rhythm in his poetry
Blew out the illusionary light
That confined my perspective
To ordinary sight.
One by one they went out
With every phrase,
While the magic in his words
Carried me in mysterious ways
To unimaginable heights of insight.
Revealing what the darkness holds
And light hides.

His imagery uncovered
Pretty lies
All those things and beings
I thought were nice.
Oh! I saw a place like hell
And hell wasn’t dark but bright.
Only then did I realise
That darkness isn’t vile
Nor is light divine.
For devils don’t grim
But grin in the light.

The worthiest of us
Tread with the blind
Shadowed by darkness
Along the bottom line
While filthy ones
Rise and shine.
So why blame the darkness
For stealing from the light?

The serenity in his voice
Still echoes in the void of my mind
Surreptitiously reminding me
To neither fall for the light
Nor flea from darkness
But to fight through what
The light holds
And darkness hides.

Sonia Stalance


Written for a friend whose dark poetry gave me a whole new perspective towards life. Many a time we falsely accuse darkness and adore light, confining our perspective to what can see, leaving unnoticed the evil that crawls in broad daylight.

‘The worthiest of us tread with the blind, shadowed by darkness along the bottom line’ represents those people whose efforts and good deeds lie forever in the dark, unrecognised and unappreciated. Here darkness is compared to a guardian who protects the righteous ones who’ve been cast away from the light.

But when seen from another perspective we see evil lurking in the dark and goodness glistening in the light. Thus both realms have their own good and bad and it’s unto us to break through the barriers of evil on both sides and choose the goodness that resides in both darkness and light.

Thanks for reading!

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How beautiful and fragile
He exclaimed
Masking his lustful desire
Behind a deceptive smile
And ran his fingers
Up her slender stem.
He peeled off her sepals
And plucked her petals.
One by one
They fell like silent tears
Painfully screaming
Upon deaf ears.

He held her back
Against the leaves
And viciously slurped
On her nectaries
Then he made his way
Down her style
His lips dripped venom
His breath turned vile.
Grabbing her
By the receptacle
He plucked her
Off the vine.

She was a flower
Blessed with immense beauty
And power
To nourish and bring life.
Mercilessly murdered
By evil hands
She slowly died
Despising her fate
Weeping vengeance
And bleeding hate
Imbibing young buds
With the fervor
To sting, destroy and devour.
That bloomed
Into wildflowers-
Vengeful women
Valient and wild
Masked behind
Colourful petals
And fragrant scents.

To all the women out there don’t let your silence shadow your pain. Don’t feel ashamed to talk about the abuse. Don’t confine yourself to remain as a stained glass vase. Don’t wait until you’re broken, shattered and gathered to the dust. Speak up! Your voice has power, for you aren’t just a pretty pansy but a wildflower!

Sonia Stalance

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Your stories have
Taken me to places
I’ve never been.
And your vivid descriptions
Have made me meet people
I’ve never seen.

In your words
I’ve heard a hundred
Different voices,
Distinct perceptions
And varied choices.

You’ve taught me more than
What life has taught me so far.
You are a window without bars
Through which I clearly see
The difference between
The city lights and stars.

In you I find
Brilliant hues of vibrance,
Calibre and style
That paint my mind
With shades of positivity,
Cheer and life.

You my friend
Are so much more
Than you think
You are.
Don’t let the city lights
Outshine your power.

-Sonia Stalance

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I splattered different colours

On the canvas board
And watched them blend.
Making gradients, patterns
And dripping ends.
Transcending limits
Covering spaces
And connecting ends.
Then I drew countless lines
Of black and red.
And saw my motherland
Emerge from this ugly mess.
Though rich in culture
She’s divided by differences
Of language, tradition
Region and religion.
I saw a bitter-sweet race
Drawing dark lines
On a nation
Soaked in the blood
Of those who fought
For the freedom to flow
And beautifully blend.

Saarang meaning ‘multicolored’ represents our varied cultures. The dots separating the letters indicates the cultural & religious conflicts within the country.

The unbiased blend in art symbolises our forefathers dream and the dark lines represent barriers.

‘India: Unity in Diversity’ I’m sure most of you would have read this chapter in school. It’s a pride to be a part of this diversity, for there’s beauty in the difference and belongingness in our common identity as Indians. But it’s distressing to see these differences ruling out our unity. Let’s not consider the country as a whole but as individuals let’s ponder over the differences that arise in our minds while facing a fellow Indian from another state or religion.
This Independance Day let’s celebrate our differences and not draw lines on this beautiful gradient – India.

~Sonia Stalance

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Tear Bowl

Standing on the seashore
With an ocean in her eyes
And despite her blurry vision
She smiled seeing the high tide rise.

Flashlights, sirens
And distant cries.
Fell on deaf ears
Of a desolate being
With feeble eyes.

Rising and falling,
The little waves leapt with joy.
As she waded through the waters
Under the darkened sky.

And with one last wave
She bid goodbye.

Flashlights, sirens
And distant cries.
Now fell on deaf ears
Of the roaring ocean
And thundering skies.

For the little ocean in her eyes
Now lies in the mighty heart of the ocean
At depths where pain diminishes
And tears die.

Don’t let the troubles in life stir your spirit and cause turmoil. For this little ocean within you can turn into a mighty disastrous one, if not harnessesed in the right manner. And can eventually become the force behind your ruin.

Allowing negative forces to rage within you doesn’t solve your problems. It simply puts an end to them and gives no hope for a better tomorrow.

~Sonia Stalance

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Sweet Tart

Caramelized pear
With popsicle eyes
And candy floss hair.
Cute ‘n’ cuddly little
Gummy bear.
Sweet as a toffee
Filled with cheer.
A party bomb
In my jubilation.
And a helium balloon
On my dull days.
The sprinkles on my doughnut
And the cherry to my cake.
If it weren’t for you,
I’d have been all plain.
In short you are a jar
Full of happiness,
Topped with a ribbon of grace.

~Sonia Stalance


I woke up early one morning
Sleepily yawning
Rubbing the sleep from my eyes.
Instead of brushing, bathing or dressing,
I began to visualize,
If I was impecunious, helpless & burdened
With no smiles, no love, no care
Oh! How terrible – but now that I’ve learnt
I realized the need to share.

I walked out that morning
Earnestly praying,
God hear those helpless cries!
So instead of complaining, blaming and ignoring,
I urge you to visualize,
If you were impecunious, helpless & burdened
With no smiles, no love, no care
Oh! How terrible – but now that you’ve learnt
I hope you’ve realized the need to share.

Sonia Stalance

Fire and Ice

Resplendent and alluring,
Rich in manifold
Beauty and power.
Gentle but terrifying,
Ardent lover
Forever cold.
Chiming, roaring, glistening
Icicles, avalanche and snow.
An ugly truth or a pretty lie?
I never will know-
Unless I’m in your arms,
Gliding across the frozen floor.
Surrounded by sparks of fire
And flakes of snow.
‘Tis a shame I know, to marvel at such
Unrivalled beauty from afar.
But I fear that you’ll perish
Or I’ll turn cold.
So eyes of ice
Stay where you are,
Forever beautiful
Ever bold.

Sonia Stalance


You eyes remain blind to cruelty,
And you turn a deaf ear to helpless cries.
You keep your legs from stepping forward
And your hands don’t stretch to help.
You don’t speak up for the voiceless.
You shun amity from your heart.
You hold back words of appreciation
And blow out contentment from your mind.

But your eyes are drawn to temptation,
And your ears fall to eavesdrop.
You let loose your legs to race with the devil
And your hands stretch to accept bribe.
You open your mouth to gossip.
You invite animosity into your heart.
You throw forth words of scorn
And ignite envy in your mind.

So no eyes will see your misery,
No ears will hear your cries.
No legs will step forth to save you,
No hands will lift you up.
No mouth will speak up for you,
No heart will share your joy.
You will doubt your own existence saying,
“Am I visible or not?”

~Sonia Stalance


Dread the darkness that dwells within you; not that which lurkes around you.


March 1

A braveheart,
And bold.
A selfless soul,
A fighter
And hero.
The wait is over,
Our dear
WC Abhinandan
Is home.
Tis a proud moment
For India to celebrate
And cheer!


#respect #WCAbhinandan #india